My Short Biography


New Year's day was a turning point for me.  I was in a bad accident RESULTING IN my left arm BEING shattered and with THE HIGH PROBABILITY THAT IT WOULD BE paralyzed.  It was a few weeks later as THE HEALING PROCESS BEGAN that I COMMENCED painting with a new fervor and energy. Art became not just a way to relax, but also a way to heal. By God's grace I am completely healed now, but during that season of my life I began painting very large paintings. Many of them 5' x 5' AND AS USUAL, My wife insisted they be hung all over OUR HOME.

There are no two pieces of art alike. Each piece of art is very personal to me. Much of the art is a reflection of my experiences. For the first half of my life, I was a dedicated dressage horseman and my life revolved around equestrian activity. Much of my art is inspired by horses. 

My career has revolved around the fishing industry. In my 20's I began my career as CFO and THEN BECAME CEO of Penn Reel. Although the companies and titles have changed through the years, my life's work has been devoted to aquatic sports. Many of my paintings reflect my love of the ocean and all that is in it. 

There are consistently new ideas and themes that catch my interest. Something as simple as a fly can become interesting and creative art. 

I hope you enjoy MY art. I have TRULY enjoyed making it!


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Outdoor industry professional with 20+ years in the fishing and outdoor market.  Former CEO of Penn Reels, VP of Product Development at Zebco Brands, and now President of Bluefield Brands (Calcutta Outdoors, Sea Striker, Kunnan, and Star Rods).  Art is my outlet for creativity, it gives me a chance to share my passion for the outdoors and to create art that is authentic.